Spiritually, I was doomed into an eternal peace.. 

Like I scraped into the world of decease, 

Quivering palm set on a piece of paper, 

Urging to indite the words of undecisive peace. 


Dreaming with open eyes is an urge inside me, 

I feel like the rain of illusions falling on me, 

Words means alot more than just a beauty, 

And its melody begins to flow like a blood inside me. 


unchii udaan….. (Hindi Poem)

Us din ek agaaz yad aaya k….. 

Jeene k liye khuda se vo farmaan abhi tk na ayaaa…. 

Sapno ki dunia me chlte to the… 

Pr sapna qa tha ye kbhi yad na aya… 

Jode the manzil se raste humne… 

K fr raste me tuta Hua ek parindaa nazar aya…  

Uchaaiyoo ko chuke gira vo parindaa jb zamin pe…. 

Tb apni manziil ka agaaz kuch is tarha hi yaad aya….. 

Jana to tha bhot dur… 

Pr safar kbhi taye nhi Kr paayaa…. 

Us neele asma me udne ka jazba to seene me tha hii…. 

Pr udne ka junoon ajtk kbhi Smjh na paya.. 

Un rasto me chlte chlte to arsa ho gya h.. 

K Hawa k rukh ne apna mod bdla… 

Or kuch is tarha khaa…. 

Teri ye dharti.. 

Or tera hi vo aasman… 

Manzil ko paane k liye raasta taye krte ho… 

Or udne k liye vo unchi udaan bhrte ho… 

Dekha Hoge kbhi aasma se niche girte hue paarinde ko…. 

K zamin pr girne k bad hi us parinde Ko Dharti ka ehsaan nazar aya… 

Bs fr usi din Ye agaaz yaad aya k… 

Jeene k liye khuda se vo farmaan abhi tk na aya…. 


DAY 1 OF 3:

Hello everyone,

I’ve been nominated for the 3 days 3 quotes challenge by thejouskablog. Thanks to her for nominating me.

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Today I have dedicated my day to ELEANOR ROOSEVELT because I want to learn something about life, success, achievements and the most important ambition.

In our lives, we all have ambitions to achieve something called “SUCCESS”. We spend our lives to gain new experiences either best or worst and we finds a kind of enjoyment in both of the experiences. Life goes on until it meets to the death. So life, what do you think is it??…. A life is a journey in which we hold on to memories, enjoyment, and understanding towards friends and family. As per my thinking, success is not just what we achieve in fact it is anything that makes us feel happy. The day you’ll find satisfaction in you heart, you’ll find success. Success is also not about earning money, even the richest persons don’t found happiness. The journey of life acknowledges you about experiences of living as it depends on you that how much enjoyment, self-satisfaction, understanding, interest, and ambition you have.

So, don’t feel yourself drowned by the worst happenings in your lives as the worst happenings gives you the reason to fight new battle courageously and the good happenings gives you the motivation for moving ahead. As much as life, happiness, experience you could get from your living that you’ll find success in your living.

My nominees for the challenge are:-

  1. L.T. Garvin, Author
  2. Ishita Lakra
  3. trentpmcd


Thank you 🙂



C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_images(5)For every time, it begins to pursue me.
Just like I have it as my adoptee.
I saw the darkness beneath me,
Alike I’m the man of my evils assaultee.

Apart from the world of lightning,
Confrontation with my dark shadow is still frightening,
It shows me my evil spirit as impuissance,
Everytime in dark I scrap my evils vengeance.

My shadow reveals the truth of my inferiority,
And I fight my illusions with extreme severity,
Somewhere I travelled the track of an indecisive trip,
At the end I caught my shadow with unbreakable grip.

Cleave Poetry

In this cleave poetry, there are two separate poems (left poem with normal bold font and right poem with italic bold font). One poem reads down the left side, one down the right side, and the third poem is the fusion of the two (from left to right). This poem is written on the death and the soul and the memories from which a dead man suffers.

Cleave: What if I died

What if I died??…. My soul grumbled; soul got a deep fire for death as I crumbled.

Pain at heart got me agitated for a while; when I wondered little peace I realized, I perpetually beguile.

Even at death my memories got me into anxiety; motionless body of mine still desires for life to deity.

I was interred into the cemetery under the moonlight; so I could battle my retentivity till every morning’s twilight.

Gravitas of mine was actually glazed over in my heart; soul inside me got tardily incinerated when I tore apart.

Yeah… I obviously wonder why people would mourn on my death??…; or why would they concern if I still breath??…

But it’s time to devote seclusion for unbroken solitude; my life indulged me into this redemption with absolute incertitude.

Darkness inside me prevailed over my thoughts; like my thoughts had been fired from devil gunshots.

Now, I urge for peace for my restless grief; as I assumed my faith on wisdom is a strong disbelief.

Scars on my soul are still apparent to be inevitable; the itinerary of my death at serenity is still irrevocable.

Shining Star

One night she walked along the path..
Agnize the beauty of stars holding her wrath..
Sparkling light diminishes darkness at it’s extent….
Then she found little star shining prominent….

She recaptured the memories starring at the star….
May she got some scars in her heart…
Little star’s  refulgence like sirius…
She found in life everything mysterious….

She assumed herself to be star tonight…
She is dead cause she had a backbite..
Leaving behind all relationship bullfight..
She finally decided to become shining star tonight…









Victory of life…..

Sometimes it’s just good to move on and never look back in life. Certainly, it’ll be the memories in you that’ll take you to your past world.. Sometimes it’s not just only the matter of time but life itself gives you the reason to move on… No matter for what, when, where and why??.. Just ask yourself to speed up in your life like any invincible speedster that takes the invincible lead.
Life is encountered by many changes and there comes a time when your life will take a drastic turn for your good but you won’t realise it. But with the passage of time, when you’d struck with something glorious , you’ll realise that it was just the blessings in disguise given by the god.
People, intentionally don’t want themselves to indulge in any undesirable circumstances of life but it’s the luck either good or bad that provides you the opportunity to deal with the challenge of life. People always tries their best alternative to cope up with their problems but when you defeat the problems at it’s worst, there comes the real victory of your life..
So, always try to defeat your problems and be a speedster like you’re running against the the wind.